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On the career front, your mind will be very active. Do not hesitate to speak your mind and express yourself to your peers and colleagues. Fine-tune your goals and make clearer plans and strategy to attain those goals.

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This is a good time to discuss your plans with others because you will get good feedback and support. You are likely to become a victim of confusion that will lead to insecurity, but the bad time shall pass soon. Romance is blooming this week. This is right time to take your relationship to the next level. Singles may have to wait for some more time. Lucky number 25 Lucky colour Brown Lucky day Sunday.

Those of you dealing with health problems are likely to recover soon. This week brings quick thinking and a persuasive communication style. That makes it an apt time to participate in debates and public speaking. Expect positive reactions to your arguments and valuable assistance from those around you.

It is a good time to put your thoughts out. Those in academics, this is a good time for studying and take exams. Good concentration and attention to detail mean fewer chances of making mistakes. This is also a good time to take important decisions and strike deals. Your relationship will be a little disturbed this week. You should maintain two-way communication with your partner to avoid any misunderstandings.

Aries (astrology)

Lucky number 21 Lucky colour Pink Lucky day Wednesday. Your emotional wellbeing will decide your health condition this week. Channelise your energies in the right direction and you will find yourself in the pink of health. In your professional life, you are fairly clear of what your goals are and what you have to do to achieve them. A stimulating time with heaps of opportunities puts your determination and ambition at a higher level.

Business dealings and negotiations are favoured, especially for long-term investments and real estate.

Relationship wise, a sharp focus in your intimate relationship is indicated. It is highly advisable to be sensitive and passionate towards your partner. Singles may enjoy this time as there is a ray of hope. Lucky number 10 Lucky colour Mustard Lucky day Tuesday. You need to be a bit careful about your health. Those of you facing health issues need to stop fretting too much, as things will get a lot better.

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On the career front, your innovative spirit will help you widen your horizons and reach new goals. You can expect exciting news and stimulating conversations with senior authorities which will lead to a good business deal. Some of you are expected to face competition at work.

Maintain a healthy work environment. Try to keep a watchful eye as someone will try to frame you at work. This is a good time for relationships. You may have an enjoyable time going to parties, places of relaxation and entertainment. New friends can be made or a significant new romance may begin. Lucky number 11 Lucky colour Silver Lucky day Monday. The health is good this week, but be a little careful while exercising as an injury is indicated. On the career front, you will be very professional in your dealings and will follow company policy.

Travel due to business commitments is on the cards. On this trip, you are likely to make new friends and admirers. Dedication towards the task is important, but overstressing yourself may prove counterproductive. Do not hesitate to reach out to someone and ask for help. In your love life, the week indicates love, harmony and friendship. Jupiter will spend most of in your 3rd of communication, education and commerce. Think back 12 years if you were 18 or over at that time.

Especially if it relates to any of the following: travel, doing business overseas, studying, writing, publishing, the mass media, the great outdoors, animals, the World Wide Web, the world stage, philosophy and the law. What you are going to find is that if you were experiencing any of these themes 12 years ago they will be back now with a vengeance. Magnified and amplified. And quite possibly better than it might have done the first time around.

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Benefits may flow to you from your neighbours or your siblings or cousins if you have them. And while travel is highlighted with Jupiter in here, you may also find the world comes knocking on your door. Want to be an Airbnb host? This is a great cycle for that. The people you encounter this year will broaden your horizons or expand your experience of the world. Travelling via books, ideas or studying is also favoured.

News, messages and communications will dominate the year as this house is ruled by Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods. Jupiter in here can also expand not just the way you get around — a better car, an interest-free loan on that season ticket for example, but also how you communicate.

This is your house of commerce and business. These are your two major transits for this year. But it all gets personal when the personal planets are involved of course. The year begins with a boost for all those Jupiter themes I just talked about with an added magic touch of romance thanks to your ruler Venus meeting him in your 3rd on Jan February could bring fated encounters or see you making career in-roads as Venus moves on into your 4th and will meet first Saturn and Pluto in here. Fire up those ambitions and see yourself as a powerhouse of potential now.

If they enter your life take it as a sign you belong with them. Act accordingly. March and April bring is a rare event for you. You have two full Moons in your 1st — one a Supermoon across two consecutive months. Remember a full Moon reflects the light back into the opposite house to the one it appears in. This is your 7th of partnerships so this is all about you and another person and your feelings and emotions. You have an unusually long window between these Moons to work this all out. Also be on the lookout for a potential love interest who appears now.

Especially as the second full Moon on April 19 appears the day before Venus enters her ruling 7th in your chart representing an unusually long cycle of attraction. Venus will make a come-hither angle to Jupiter in. May before meeting Uranus later in the month. Visualise what you want and think about this creatively in vivid pictures.

By the time Venus meets Uranus on May 18 then let go of your images and be open to what responds to your call. June and July could just re-write your success story as Venus transits your 10th of career, recognition and rewards. Was someone once the music of your soul — or even your muse? Chiron retrograde in your 7th from 11th July could see them return or you healing long standing wounds around love or partnership matters this also applies to business relationships too.

August and September represent powerful links to your past and expect past themes or people from your past to make an appearance now.

Yes, some of this is relevant if it appears in a fresh form or you have re-purposed your past from a fresh perspective. New beginnings will beckon in September when Venus and Mercury arrive in your 1st ahead of the Sun on the 23rd. You have an opportunity now to build on the achievements of the year and end it on a high note as Venus first transits her ruling money house and then will make one final meeting with Jupiter in your 3rd on Nov 24 — the day Mars and Uranus put you in a power position when it comes to financial rewards and negotiations.

This could well be the day when you put the past well and truly behind you. December sees Jupiter leave your 3rd and arrive in your 4th of home, family and security. Understand that the successes of this year and your willingness to embrace change have been setting you up for this cycle to begin. While you need to remain flexible you now also need to plan in the long term. Invest any gains of this year into creating your foundation. Look to your home and where you are living and expect expansion.

Invest in your lifestyle or create your dream one.