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The native may suffer from kidney problems, backaches, stomach and bladder ailments, ovaries issues in women, and disorders related to urinary tract. One can often hear a Libra complaining of lower back pain. Combined with an afflicted Mars, you may suffer from sexually transmitted diseases as well, although it largely depends upon the planetary position and their combined influence in your natal chart. You may also suffer from blood related problems, so keep your sugar levels in check.

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Those born with Moon in Libra are also prone to water-borne pollution. Since you easily subside to kidney related diseases, you should avoid overindulgence. Drinking too much can be harmful; however, Cranberry juice should be a part of your diet to avoid any kidney stones. Keep away from alcohol, sunstroke, and excessive sodium to keep your organs functioning at their best.

You should keep many fiber rich items in your grocery list in order to increase your stamina level. Drinking a lot of fresh water will help you avoid issues related to urinary tract. Your body is naturally balanced yet there are chances of being over-weight. You want your food to look as amazing as it tastes. You definitely have a sweet tooth and chocolate is your soft spot, especially when you feel unloved, alone or not beautiful which of course is a delusion. To keep the circulatory system running properly, include sources of Vitamin E such as olive, soya oil, nuts and seeds, wheat germs, and so on.

All you need to do is seek balance, maintain a chord between time to work and time to relax. Always remember that quick fixes like sweets will not work for you in the long run. So if you are stuck in a stressful environment for long, stop, look back, and analyze what is going on and strike a balance in your life, just as you do for others. Make sure that you have a company, as you are most productive when someone is there for you all the time. When you sense lack of coordination in a relationship, voice it out than suppressing your feelings. Balance-oriented activities are best if you are looking to shed some extra kilos, such as swimming, gymnastics, dance, skating, and so on.

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Find it out instantly! Why Moon Sign? Libra Health weekly Horoscope gives you great insight into your health and helping you in planning the same.

The full moon will rise above the sector for ovaries, kidneys and lower half of the back, pelvic girdle, lumbar region, bladder, the lower part of the large intestine, inner sexual organs uterus, cervix, testicles, and prostate gland. All these organs are active during this week.

Libra Health Horoscope

Menstrual issues are possible during this phase. Try to have enough water as your kidneys need them. Try to sit straight as your lower back is also active. Your pelvic girdle also needs more care and focus. The full moon will influence personal life and general health as well.

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There will be some or other reasons to be emotional. Please stay away from your opponents. The Sun is moving through the sector for head, brain and cranium area. Due to this fire energy, you may feel issues like headache or fever. Drink enough water. Otherwise you may get exhausted. There can be some emotional issues, and this is the time to get rid of them.

Opportunities for healing and therapy are also seen.

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You will give a lot of focus to take rest and improve your health. This is a time to take new decisions in this regard. Your facial organs are also active due to the influence of Mercury and Venus. You will try to improve your beauty. Your food intake is also important during this week.

Libra 12222 Health Horoscope

Multiple planets will trigger the sector for emotional issues and the left eye. This is a time for healing and alternative medicine. The universe is triggering your burdens. The left side of the body can be very sensitive and you should take care of it. Your abdominal area can also be very sensitive. So, your digestion is very important. During this phase, you should have more fluids. Chew your food thoroughly.

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However, digestive issues can be a part of this week. Fasting one meal is also good if your health permits. Mercury and Venus are triggering the sector for personal life, head, cranium, and brain. This is a busy time for you because Mercury is in action. You will have a lot of things to do and that can naturally make you distracted. You will have to make a good plan for yourself so that everything can be systematic. You will try to improve your health. More focus will be on your beauty as well. Minor issues like headache or cold are very much possible during this phase. The Sun and Mars are triggering the emotional self as well. So, there will be some changes in the happiness level as well. You can have digestive issues as well. The full moon will influence the sector for waist, navel, lower abdomen, kidneys, small intestine, the upper part of the large intestine, intestinal function, and appendix.