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Hi, peach Pisces. You might be banana cream Pisces next month, so watch out, world. Big month for your career in general. And on February 10th, Susan Thriller wants you to go shopping.

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I want an action movie! Everybody does poop though — I will give you that. The point, the point: The eclipse on January 31st and the one coming on the 15th are both set up to change your personal life in major ways. Oh and take a nap before March comes. Just a little five-minute snooze, even.

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I FaceTimed with a month-old whatever with the years this weekend, and she was telling me the noise cows made. This month is going to be home- and family-centric for us. My takeaway there is to make sure I wear a really great pair of pants that day because how annoying would it be to be wearing the kind that give an uncomfortable wedge that interrupts my trying to focus on life-changing events. My cat does that for me, thanks and thinks the job-related news could help act as a nice little salve to the spending.

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Romantically, make-outs for everyone from February 11th to March 6th. Are you excited?? I got called crabby today so boy oh boy can I relate. Someone tried to eat my thumb meat and everything. February is going to be even busier, so see now if you can hire or ask for additional help. Remember finals in college? Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!

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I think the first sentence of that statement is pretty easy to grasp, but I had to read the second one a few times. Remember, she is writing from an esoteric or occult viewpoint, which takes the view that the physical world is like drapery hung over the inner life. One could just as easily reason that all of nature, including human nature is the living expression of divinity at every moment. She is saying, essentially, that every form in nature veils the inner life of spirit; that the soul is hidden within what we see every day. But there is something in the human form represented by Virgo that is in a position to make divinity tangible in a way unique in all the world, and which is the intent of the entire evolutionary process.

This notion rates the human experience as the most important on the planet debatable, yes? Next, she adds a bit of interesting, ancient data.

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This Virgin was the founder of the matriarchy which then dominated civilization and to which various myths and legends bear evidence and which have come down to us concerning Lilith, the last Virgin Goddess of Atlantean times. In other words, the sign Virgo represents the feminine principle of divinity in its entirety. We might think of that as the spirit that animates mater-mother-matter, our entire earthly life, our bodies, and all we do and create within the material plane.

I would offer the idea that the urge or impulse to serve that each of us encounters where Virgo is in our charts is the impulse to give birth to something intended to heal the world. Went to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store at local time- just after the ingress. Got the practical details covered, and this electronic extension of my mind working right!

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Venus, the planet of money and relationships , is in the sign of its fall and retrograde, and very tightly conjoined with Pluto. Pluto is the planet of great wealth, but also of dramatic loss.

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He repeatedly crafts ingenious plans to extract himself from tight situations. Walt has the Moon in Scorpio, also in the sign of its fall. Its aspects are speculative without a birth time, but it may be conjoined with Jupiter. The old self is dissolving; here was an opportunity to become someone new.

He might have explored a courageous and spiritual response to his illness; instead, he recklessly moved forward through a series of misguided and violent actions and created a new and deadly persona. Progressed Sun and Mars conjunct Neptune might also point to a significant problem with his health.

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Beyond that, I would assume the Ascendant and 6th house, and possibly the Moon, would be important points to consider; without a birth time and place and a good wheel, though, these are beyond our reach. Anyone who specializes in the astrology of health should feel free to offer thoughts in the comments. What happens when a man who is beaten down by life, who has squandered opportunities and potential, is given a death sentence and decides to fight back?

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Breaking Bad is one very dark answer. In the end, the birthdate chosen for Walter White by the writers almost certainly with no astrological input describes his personality pretty well. But I get it. I do wonder whether giving him a birthday somehow made that character come to life. I totally get him too. Yes, he really crosses the line sometimes, but when you threaten his original purpose, he always grits his teeth and fights back.

Thanks, Steve.